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Genferon 10 suppositories 1000000 IU - Immune stimulants

Genferon 10 suppositories 1000000 IU - Immune stimulants

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Dosage form
Suppositories 250 000 IU, 500 000 IU, 1 000 000 IU
One suppository contains the active ingredients: interferon alpha-2 250 000 IU, 500 000, 1 000 000 IU taurine - 0,0101 g, 0,0101 g, 0,0101 g of benzocaine - 0,055 g; 0,055 g, 0,055 g excipients: "solid" fat-Dextran 60000 polyethylene oxide Sufficient quantity of tween 80 to obtain a suppository Emulsifier T2 with a mass of 1.65 g of Sodium citrate (disodium), citric Acid purified Water
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Description of the drug
Suppositories from white to white with a yellowish sheen color, cylindrical shape with pointed end.
Pharmacological group 
Immunomodulatory agent, interferons ATC Code L03AВ05
Pharmacological properties
The pharmacokinetics of rectal administration of the drug there is a high bioavailability (80%) of interferon, therefore the system is dominated by immunomodulatory effects; in intravaginal application, due to the high concentration at the source of the infection and fixation of the mucosa cells is achieved a pronounced local antiviral, antiproliferative and antibacterial effect, while systemic effects due to the low suction capacity of the vaginal mucosa is negligible. The maximum concentration of interferon in the serum is reached after 5 hours after rectal or vaginal administration of the drug. The main route of elimination ?-interferon is renal catabolism. T ? = 12 hours. Pharmacodynamics GENFERON ® ® is a combination drug whose action caused by components that are part of it. Having local and systemic action. The interferon Alfa-2B has antiviral, immunomodulatory, antiproliferative and antibacterial effect. Under the influence of interferon alpha-2 in the body increases the activity of natural killers, T and b-lymphocytes, phagocytes. Activation of leukocytes contained in the mucous membrane, ensures their active participation in the elimination of the primary pathological lesions and provides restoration of production of secretory immunoglobulin A. Interferon Alfa-2 also directly inhibits the replication of viruses. Taurine promotes the normalization of metabolic processes and tissue regeneration, has a membrane stabilizing, and immunomodulatory effects. A powerful antioxidant, taurine directly interacts with active forms of oxygen, the accumulation of which contributes to the development of pathological processes. Taurine promotes the preservation of biological activity of interferon, increasing the therapeutic effect of the drug. Benzocaine is a local anesthetic. Reduces the permeability of cell membrane to sodium ions displaces calcium ions from receptors located on the inner surface of the membrane. Prevents pain impulses in sensory nerve endings and their conduction along the nerve fibers. Has only a local effect not penetrate into the systemic circulation.
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Indications for use
In combination of complex therapy of infectious-inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract: genital herpes, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis - mycoplasmosis - recurrent vaginal candidiasis - gardnerellosis - trichomoniasis - HPV infection - bacterial vaginosis - cervical erosion - cervical infection - vulvovaginal - bartholinitis - adnexitis - prostatitis - urethritis
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Infectious-inflammatory diseases of urogenital tract in women. 1 suppository (250000МЕ or 500000МЕ or 1000000МЕ depending on the severity of the disease) vaginally or rectally (depending on the nature of the disease) 2 times a day every day for 10 days. In protracted forms 3 times a week using day 1 suppository in for 1-3 months. Infectious-inflammatory diseases in men. Rectal 1 suppository (500,000 IU or 1,000,000 IU, depending on the severity of the disease) 2 times a day for 10 days. In protracted forms 3 times a week using day 1 suppository in for 1-3 months.
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Side effects
Allergic reactions (skin rashes and itching). These phenomena are reversible and disappear after 72 hours after cessation of infusion or dose reduction. Hitherto not experienced severe or life-threatening side effects. Phenomenon can be observed arising from the application of all types of interferon-a 2, such as: - chills, fever - fatigue, loss of appetite, sweating, muscle and headaches, joint pain - leukopenia and thrombocytopenia. But often they meet with the introduction of a daily dose of more than 10 million IU (equivalent to 40 candlepower 250 000МЕ or 20 candles on 500 000МЕ). As with any other drug of interferon alpha in the case of temperature increase after its introduction it is recommended that a single dose of paracetamol at a dose of 500 – 1000 mg.
- individual intolerance of interferon and other substances in the preparation. - children up to age 15 years.
Drug interactions
GENFERON ® ® the most effective in combination with etiotropic drugs (including antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs) used to treat urogenital diseases. Non-narcotic analgesics and anticholinesterase drugs enhance the effect of benzocaine. Benzocaine reduces the antibacterial activity of sulfonamides.
Special instructions
Be wary with exacerbation of allergic and autoimmune diseases. Pregnancy and lactation are allowed in the second half of pregnancy, if the benefit of the therapy outweighs the potential risk to the fetus. Features of the influence of the drug on the ability to drive a vehicle or potentially dangerous machinery: Considering the mechanism of the pharmacological action of interferon-alpha-2b, taurine and benzocaine, the effect of the drug on the ability to drive vehicles and operate machinery is extremely unlikely.
The cases of drug overdose GENFERON ® ® not reported.
Form of release and packing
Suppositories 250 000 IU, 500 000 IU, 1000 000 IU for 5 pieces in a contour acheikova package of foil or polyvinyl chloride film; 2 contour packaging along with instructions in a cardboard box.
Storage conditions
Store in a dry place at temperature from +2 to +8° C, Keep out of reach of children!
Shelf life
2 years do Not use after the expiry date stated on the package.

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